Party of One: A New Beginning in 7 Steps


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Asie Payton Asie's Jam
The Bubbling Over Five Don't Mistreat Your Good Boyfriend Local!
Banana I'm a Man Local!
Wanted & Co. Why? Local!
Edge of Daybreak I Wanna Dance With You Local!
Frog Legs Land of the Lost Local!
The Delphines Careless Local!
Duchess of York Tangle Me Up Local!
Avail Scuffletown Local
Fairlane The Birds and the Bees Local
Manatree City Park Local
Spaerklehorse Tears on Fresh Fruit Local!
Gwar The Road Behind Local!
The Gaskets Earthquake Local!
Jimi & Me Party of One Theme Local!
Conshafter Murder City Local!
Pedals on Our PIrate Ships The Ballad of Jonny Z Local!
Lucy Dacus Troublemaker Doppelganger Local!
Gills and Wings Circus Local!
Gull Shackle Local!
Goldrush Touch Local!
Rah Bras Skin=Chronized Local!
Photosynthesizers Word of Mouth Local!
Plural Nouns Secret Social Local!
The Absent Center Your Corporate Memoirs Aren't an Anthem Local! Recorded Live on WRIR!
Spooky Cool Strange Rooms Local! Recorded Live on WRIR!
Grass Panther Over the Underground Local! Recorded Live on WRIR!
Cracker Been Around The World Local! Recorded Live on WRIR!
Muppets Closing Theme Thanks for Listening!!

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