Cosmic Slop

Prediscotions From the Future…


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Marvin Gaye A Funky Space Reincarnation single Motown 1978
Ednah Holt Serious, Sirius Space Party single West End 1981
Atmosfear Dancing In Outer Space single MCA 1979
Slick Space Bass single WMOT 1979
Nightlife Unlimited Love Is In You single Casablanca 1979
Dinosaur L Go Bang #5 single Sleeping Bag 1982
Aquarian Dream East 6th Street Aquarian Dream Buddah 1976
Tenderness Gotta Keep On Trying single RCA 1978
Colonel Abrams Music Is The Answer single Streetwise 1984
Lavias Do You Wanna Dance single Golden Pyramid 1983
Ojeda Penn Brotherson Happiness IFE 1980
Joe Gibbs & The Professionals Chapter 3 African Dub All-Mighty Chapter 3 Joe Gibbs Record Globe 1978
Ozo Anambra Vault 1976
Barbaras Woman Barbaras RCA 1972
Pleasure Take a Chance Special Things Fantasy 1980
Tropical Echoes Music's Our Love single Star Creature 2016
The Pendletons Gotta Get Out (Matimatix remix) single Voltaire 2016
Lowmac Ride Wit It single Austin Boogie Crew 2016
Steve Miller Band Macho City single Capitol 1981

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