Sunrise Ocean Bender / Altered Circuitry

Sloppily Bent


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
JuJu Sunrise Ocean JuJu Sunrise Ocean Bender 2016
Al Lover NEUicide! Neuicide! Fuzz Club 2016
Brainticket Proto Alchemy Past Present & Future Purple Pyramid 2015
Can Future Days Future Days United Artists 1974
Prairie WWWW Eyewood Wu-Hai GuruGuru Brain 2016
E Gone Your Goal Is To Know Everything and Say Nothing Advice To Hill Walkers Deep Water Acres / Sunrise Ocean Bender 2015
Skyjelly Headphone Jack Blank Panthers / Priest, Expert, Or Wizard Doomtrip 2016
Sandhy & Mandhy Esta noche no debes llorar Para Castukis Lion Productions 2008
Conj. Los Black Cats Sueno Magico Ayahuasca Repsychled 2015
Traffic Sound You Got Me Floating A Bailar Go-Go Lion / Repsychled 2015
Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation Sister Green Eyes Mirage Rocket Recordings 2016
Caudal Ion Let's All Take The Yellow Pills Calostro Recordings 2016
Holy Monitor, Holy Monitor The Way Out Golden Light / Aeolus Ongakubaka 2016
F/i The Fuzz God Awakens
Death & Vanilla Ghosts in The Machine 2009
Pulselovers It's All In the Detail Pulselovers You The Night & The Music 2016
HASHISH Outer Spaced A Product Of Hashish Subliminal Sounds 2016
Romannis Mötte The Traveller Kozmische Phantron 2013
Night Flights Origins Vol 1 Agitated 2015
Jesse Very Much (Performancer) Music For Emotions Haista 2014
The Cult Of Free Love Drone On Love Revolution Wrong Way 2016

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