River City Limits

RCL with BANDREW, Paul, Fontaine, and MORE!



Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Dynamic Truths You Take It All Understanding is
Fudge Pez
Fudge Mystery Machine
Camp Howard Anybody
Get in the Car Hypnic Jerk
Bandrew Total Control
Bandrew Cold Deceiver
Imaginary Sons Smalltalk Headlock
Froglegs Five Miles West Midnight Radio 1996
Cagey Watts Wanna Cagey Watts 2015
Vexine Tantilla Gardens little sin 2016
Maki Let the Good Times Roll for the Crippled Children Tears on the Blastshield Lunch 2002
Bandrew Back Roads
Clair Morgan Rogue Island
Jazlove Quintet Stella by Starlight
Frog Legs Human Cannonball
Trauma Kamp Confused
Ann Beretta Bottlecaps
The Simple Things Superhuman
White Cross Pink Flamingo (2012 version)
Pete Curry Nobody's Home
The Trillions I.C.C.B.
Marionette Facing You
Roma Cigarettes, Knife, and a Cellular Phone
Josephine Beeline
Ben Shepherd Silver Dog
Bermuda Triangles Spacebrain
Grass Panther Over the Underground
Hoi Polloi Fortune Cookie
The You Go Girls Yoloaded
Brief Lives Last

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