River City Limits

River City Limits: August 6, 2016

Anna C.

Making my first dive into the River City Limits show hosting pool. The water is fine. Everything is fine.

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Clair Morgan Bryn Mawr New Lions & the Not-Good Night EggHunt 2016
Zac Hryciak and the Jungle Beat Charles & Bigsby Flower Dog self-released 2013
Black Girls Soul Tornado Claire Sinclaire self-released 2014
Toxic Moxie Blurry VHS Box Set self-released 2015
Get In The Car Hypnic Jerk Get In The Car self-released 2016
Queer Rocket Anarchy Date Blast Off self-released 2015
Christi Subatomic Christi self-released 2014
Emily Easterly Youth on My Side Heart Comma Heart self-released 2007
The Dregs It Takes Two Hands River City Rock 'n Roll self-released 2008
Hot Dolphin Go Team USA Hotter Dolphiner self-released 2013
Vexine Little Sin Little Sin Zap 2016
Nancy & the Knockers Meow Nancy & the Knockers self-released 2010
Grass Panther Your Mission Vignette self-released 2016
Manzara When Pants Attack the hills areaLIVE AT SOUND OF MUSIC self-released 2015
Canary Oh Canary Lions Sleep self-released 2013
Mercy Creek Green Beans Another Place to Start self-released 2008
Liza Kate O Sally! Don't Let the Dogs self-released 2009
Andy Moore Chew on This Dig Right In self-released 2004
Alison Self Busted Knees and Broken Hearts Alison Self self-released 2010
Julie Karr Little Girls Julery self-released 2010
Lydia Ooghe & Lux Vacancy Lipstick Give It self-released 2011
Eileen Edmonds Jezebel Hectic World self-released 2012
Balkanize! Çekin Halay Düzelsün ...For You are Made of Stars self-released 2012
Nelly Kate All of the Spaces Woodshedding self-released 2016
Dorthia Cottrell Oak Grove Dorthia Cottrell Forcefield 2015
Force of Habit Pat on the Back Humanistic self-released 2010
The Diamond Center Bones Crystals for the Brass Empire self-released 2015
Lobo Marino Holy River City of Light self-released 2014
Bio Ritmo Perdido Puerta Del Sur Vampisoul 2014
Miramar Sin Ti Dedication to Sylvia Rexach Barbès 2016

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