Stunted Development

With God on Our Side


Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
Stories – Winter Scenes
Neal Hefti – Geaudeamus/Hey Hey Hey
Kiss – Do You Love Me
Iron Butterfly – Unconscious Power
Sarah Webster Fabio – Rainbow Signs
Hayseed Dixie – Detroit Rock City
Helen Gurley Brown – Keep Your Wife Seductive
David Hasselhoff – Hot Shot City
Marjoe Gortner – You’d Better Get Ready
The Rubber Band – Manic Depression
Little Marcy – Happy Day Express
Prince Conley – I’m Going Home
Lucia Pamela – In Love in Love
The Ventures – Raunchy
Bob Dylan – With God on Our Side
Anita Bryant – Battle Hymn of the Republic
Bob Darin – Me & Mr Hohner
David Soul – Don’t Give Up on Us Baby
Dion McGregor – Mustard Battle
10cc – I’m not in Love
New Creation – Dig!
Artist Unknown – Down by the River
Shirley Q Liquor – Spider
Climax Blues Band – Standing by a River
Hawaiian Eye – Theme
Bob Seger System – Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man
Bobb Trimble – Through My Eyes
Karina – Yeh Yeh
Kmart – Week of 03.15.1992