If you’ve visited WRIR’s website, www.wrir.org, to check out your favorite DJ’s playlist for the week, you may have noticed a significant change in how our volunteers post the songs they are playing. Anna C., host of Monday Breakfast Blend and WRIR music director, explains:

“WRIR music DJs are using a new tool to share the details of their playlists with listeners. Some of the features include: approximate time stamps (for when you heard something in the car and want to find it later), links to where you can purchase a copy of the song or album (which benefits the station), and the ability to tweet about a song you just heard.”

Got that?! When you hear a song you like, say, 30 minutes into a show, you can find it later on the playlist. You can then purchase a song you like, and the proceeds benefit WRIR. But wait, there’s more. Anna continues:

“Some additional features we hope to implement include sending the song information through the web stream and over the FM broadcast for receivers that can display that information, a continuously updated list of what’s playing now on our website home page, and the ability to chat with the DJ in real-time.”

Check out the new playlists. Let us know what you think. And always, if you would like to help improve the listening experience, then consider becoming a volunteer. EmailĀ [email protected].

WRIR's New Playlist