Rockin’ Modern Neon Sounds

Hosted by:

Anna Golden


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ROCKIN MODERN NEON SOUNDS: It’s like the record store of your dreams, located down the turnpike past the Stop’n’Shop at the Shangri-la strip mall behind the Pizza Box and next to the Time Out arcade.


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  • Veteran character actor Luis Guzman says:

    Sounds great K!

  • Maura Meinhardt says:

    I had that Robert Gordon/Link Wray lp album … one time . . . Glad to hear it again Anna. Lovin’ yr show.—Maura

  • peter says:

    Sh#t Anna G. you rule the waves! great show, thanks

  • Brooke says:

    We have a new CD of local bands, may I drop a cd off? It’s about opioid recovery, and there are twelve artists on there, from Janet Martin to Calvin Cecil. There is more info at the website below. Can you think of other djs that might play local pop, rock, and folk?

  • Danny Willis says:

    Anna Golden’s “Rockin’ Modern Neon Sounds” is everything a radio record show should be! The best show on the radio since Alan Freed and Dr. Demento! Like going to that big burger drive-in in the sky with car-hop chicks on roller skates popping their gum and a great big celestial jukebox filled with a limitless stash of cool vinyl and great music! Tune in and spread the word!

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