top 30 new albums for Mar 2 presents:

The weekly chart reflects the diversity of programming on WRIR. In an average week, WRIR DJs play approximately 1,200 albums (and EPs and singles).

To make it on the list, an album must be released in the past year. Local bands and albums played by more than one DJ are given priority in the rankings.

Below the chart is a list of new albums added to the music library once that information has been compiled. Check back later if it’s not there yet.

1 Madlib Sound Ancestors Madlib Invazion
2 Aaron Espe Rock & Roll Man – EP Nettwerk
3 Goat Girl On All Fours Rough Trade
4 Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio I Told You So Colemine
5 Dimmu Borgir Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia [Japan Edition] Avalon Label
6 Sweeping Promises Hunger for a Way Out Feel It
7 Way, Shape, or Form Infinite Lives self-released
8 Nick Coward and the Last Battle Thieves Apparitioner
9 Dan Croll Grand Plan – Live Spacebomb
10 Modal Citizan Control, Alter, Deplete. Modal Citizan
11 Public Acid Condemnation – EP Beach Impediment
12 Lefthnd Ad Mausoleum American Paradox
13 Butcher Brown #KingButch Concord Jazz
14 Newscaster 3.612574 self-released
15 Another Michael New Music and Big Pop Run For Cover
16 Lael Neale Acquainted with Night Sub Pop
17 Black Country, New Road For the First Time Ninja Tune
18 Ani DiFranco Revolutionary Love Righteous Babe
19 Tele Novella Merlynn Belle Kill Rock Stars
20 Rupert Wates Lamentations self-released
21 The Notwist Vertigo Days Morr Music
22 Still Corners The Last Exit Wrecking Light
23 Kiwi jr Cooler Returns Sub Pop
24 shame Drunk Tank Pink Dead Oceans
25 The Burnt Pines The Burnt Pines Spinnup
26 Here Lies Man Ritual Divination RidingEasy
27 Nothing The Great Dismal Relapse
28 Adam Hurt Back to the Earth Ubiquitone
29 Open Mike Eagle Anime, Trauma and Divorce Auto Reverse
30 Ela Minus acts of rebellion Domino


    March 2nd, 2021

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genre charts for Mar 2 presents:


Rank Artist Album Label
1 AARON ESPE Rock And Roll Man [EP] Nettwerk
3 LAEL NEALE Acquainted With Night Sub Pop
4 ANI DIFRANCO Revolutionary Love Righteous Babe
5 RUPERT WATES Lamentations Self-Released
6 BURNT PINES, THE The Burnt Pines Adraela
7 ADAM HURT Back To The Earth Ubiquitone
9 RAYE ZARAGOZA Woman In Color Self-Released
10 THIS IS THE KIT Off Off On Rough Trade/Beggars


Rank Artist Album Label
1 OPEN MIKE EAGLE Anime, Trauma And Divorce Auto Reverse
2 SA-ROC The Sharecropper’s Daughter Rhymesayers
3 GUTTA BABY Remain Solid Gutta Baby
4 JOHNNY CIGGS Paradise Gritty City
5 SENICA DA MISFIT Masterpiece [EP] Self-Released
6 RAKIM “Black Messiah” [Single] Warner
7 PROP Vintage Luggage HLGNLIFE
8 SAHTYRE The Roaring Below System
9 RJD2 The Fun Ones RJ’s Electrical Connections
10 POP SMOKE Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon Republic


Rank Artist Album Label
1 DIMMU BORGIR Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia Avalon Label
2 MIDNIGHT Rebirth By Blasphemy Metal Blade
3 GYZE “Samurai Metal” [Single] Out Of Line
4 CHMCL STR8JCKT Th Drk Prgrssn Cleopatra
5 PARADOX OBSCUR Synoesis Self-Released
6 UNTO ASHES Moon Oppose Moon (Reissue) Projekt
7 A CLOUD OF RAVENS “When It Comes” [Single] Cleopatra
9 IN THIS MOMENT Mother Roadrunner
10 MODAL CITIZAN Control Alter Deplete Self-Released


Rank Artist Album Label
1 MADLIB Sound Ancestors Madlib Invazion
2 ELA MINUS Acts Of Rebellion Domino
3 PHEW Vertigo KO Disciples
4 OLIVER COATES skins n slime RVNG Intl.
5 PEDRO Da Linha Enchufada
6 JULIANNA BARWICK Healing Is A Miracle Ninja Tune
7 TATI AU MIEL Solar Return Self-Released
8 STEVE ROACH Into the Majestic Projekt
9 NASHVILLE AMBIENT ENSEMBLE Cerulean Centripetal Force
10 JARGUNA A Peaceful Granular Day Projekt


Rank Artist Album Label
1 ADMAS Sons Of Ethiopia Frederiksberg
2 DOM LA NENA Tempo Six Degrees
3 ELIDA ALMEIDA Gerasonobu LusAfrica
4 FREE RADICALS White Power Outage, Vol. 1 Self-Released
5 NKUMBA SYSTEM Bailao Duro Prado
6 FLORENCE ADOONI “Mam Pe’ela Su’ure” [Single] Philophon
7 BUYEPONGO VS. QUITAPENAS “Cantarito/Inspiracion” [Single] Peace & Rhythm
8 FEMI KUTI Stop The Hate Partisan
9 JOAO SELVA Navegar Underdog
10 ANANSY CISSE Anoura Riverboat

    March 2nd, 2021

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