Monday Breakfast Blend – Women Art Revolution presents:

Our recent fund drive was a resounding success, and as we hit our goal on Tuesday a couple weeks ago, several of us volunteers were hanging out at a nearby establishment to celebrate. The conversations ranged wide and far, as you might expect with a diverse group of people who have one main thing in common: a love of community radio. Many of those present were music DJs, and at some point, the conversation came around to the Indigo Girls and how much both DJ Otto and I are obsessed with them.

The long and the short of it is a gauntlet was thrown and we decided, along with DJ Ginger of the Wednesday Breakfast Blend, to do our part in putting more Indigo Girls on the WRIR airwaves. I then promptly forgot until Otto posted about his show last week, with DJ Ginger following suit.

So, this morning I will do my part to add some Indigo to the airwaves with a live version of my favorite track from Rites of Passage and, if there’s time, another favorite tune from that album as well.

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    Monday Breakfast Blend – Women Art Revolution    May 7th, 2018

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