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Week 2!!! Thank you so much for joining us again Sibs! This week DJ Mr.DoTheMost is back, which means our synergy is too! To commemorate this occasion, this week’s theme will celebrate some of the best groups of our time. A lot of great solo artists got their start in legendary groups. Today’s show will begin part one of our two-part series titled “Nobody’s Bigger than the Group.” DJs MrDotheMost, Shell Shocked, and Rev Ray will explore some of music’s most celebrated groups and the solo careers that generated from them. Though these groups are amazing in their own right, all of them have produced the most amazing stars.  From the Supremes to Outkast, the siblings will take a look at the humble beginnings of major artists while debating whether not they went on to become bigger than the group. Individuals are great, but groups are better, at least that is what we are bickering about this week.

    Bickering Siblings    December 13th, 2021

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