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*Taps Microphone* This is your Captain speaking, we shall be arriving in Germany sooner than you know it. As we travel through space and time, now lets make sure we packed lightly for this trip. Now, usually we would hop on a plane and fly across the Atlantic. But instead, tonight we are departing from outer space and landing in Stuttgart. As you approach the platform, swiftly a Space taxi will come whipping from around the corner. Oh notice how our cab driver is Til Schweiger? If you haven’t seen the movie (T)Raumschiff Surprise, translated simply meaning “Spaceship Surprise” watch it! The movie is a parody on Star Trek heavy early 2000 vibes brought to by  Spucky, Kork and Schrotty . They turn a Spaceship into a dream that one can only imagine being a part of….. but only if you’re ready ;). Questioning our existence is a part of the human experience, I mean look around isn’t it complex enough? The perfect Artist to have us reflect on who we are and this life cycles purpose is going to be Cro (Der Man hinter der Maske) the Man behind the mask. In his song Computiful along with Alien, he points out how much we do not truly know who a person is especially when it comes to Social Media. Often we “think” we know someone but in actuality we don’t know them at all. Nor does anyone know who we truly are, we are the biggest puzzle to solve in this lifecycle. In his song Alien Cro says:

ich fühl’ mich fremd in dieser Welt

(I feel like a Alien in this world)

This is a some insight into the Culture, Germany is the Land Poets and Thinkers. Sorry to constantly get deep on you guys, hence this is why I always say drink something.

Prost 🙂


    Deutscher Jam    July 12th, 2021

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