top 30 new albums for Apr 20 presents:

The weekly chart reflects the diversity of programming on WRIR. In an average week, WRIR DJs play approximately 1,200 albums (and EPs and singles).

To make it on the list, an album must be released in the past year. Local bands and albums played by more than one DJ are given priority in the rankings.

Below the chart is a list of new albums added to the music library once that information has been compiled. Check back later if it’s not there yet.

1 Reymour Leviosa Knekelhuis
2 Armand Hammer & the Alchemist Haram Backwoodz Studioz
3 Godspeed You! Black Emperor G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END! Constellation
4 Les Filles de Illighadad At Pioneer Works Sahel Sounds
5 Sally Rose Tread Light self released
6 J. Clyde Morris Stereo self-released
7 DJ Williams Short Stories – EP Projekt Music
8 Downhaul Proof Refresh
9 Way, Shape, or Form Infinite Lives self-released
10 Lucy Dacus Home Video Matador
11 Terminal Bliss Brute Err/ata Relapse
12 Matthew E. White & Lonnie Holley Broken Mirror: A Selfie Reflection Spacebomb
13 Gusher Bleed Out self-released
14 Emily Kinney The Supporting Character Jullian
15 Yaya Bey The Things I Can’t Take With Me – EP Big Dada
16 Death from Above 1979 Is 4 Lovers Everything Eleven Inc.
17 Hey, King! Hey, King! Anti/Epitaph
18 Michael Beach Dream Violence Goner
19 Cool Ghouls At George’s Zoo Empty Cellar
20 King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard L.W. KGLW
21 Genesis Owusu Smiling with No Teeth House Anxiety / Ourness
22 Nightshift Zöe Trouble In Mind
23 Julien Baker Little Oblivions Matador
24 Catherine Britt Home Truths Beverley Hillbilly
25 Adrian Younge The American Negro Jazz Is Dead
26 Janet Simpson Safe Distance Cornelius Chapel
27 Psychedelic Porn Crumpets SHYGA! The Sunlight Mound What Reality
28 Sincere Gifts Ghost of America – EP Sincere Gifts
29 The Notwist Vertigo Days Morr Music
30 Goat Girl On All Fours Rough Trade


    April 20th, 2021

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genre charts for Apr 13 presents:


Rank Artist Album Label
1 FLOCK OF DIMES Head Of Roses Sub Pop
2 VIVIAN LEVA AND RILEY CALCAGNO Vivian Leva And Riley Calcagno Free Dirt
3 MO KENNEY Covers Turtlemusik
4 AMANDA COOK Narrowing The Gap Mountain Fever
5 ALEX LEACH BAND I’m Happpies When I’m Moving Self-Released
6 FRETLAND Could Have Loved You [Advance Tracks] Self-Released
7 ISKWE The Stars [EP] Self-Released
8 JOE PUG The Diving Sun [EP] Self-Released
9 SAMANTHAN CRAIN I Guess We Live Here Now Self-Released
10 CUJO MOON Bridges [EP] Self-Released


Rank Artist Album Label
2 ILLA STYLES Mind Your Reality Monsta Inc
3 OHBLIV Rugged Tranquility Vols. 1 & 2 Paxico
4 GENESIS OWUSU Smiling With No Teeth House Anxiety/Ourness
5 NUMBER 2 Rape Whistle Ultra Beast United
6 DRAKE Scary Hours 2 [EP] Ovo/Republic
7 DJ MUGGS AND FLEE LORD Rammellzee Soul Assassins
8 JOHNNY CIGGS Paradise Gritty City
9 SENICA DA MISFIT Masterpiece [EP] Self-Released
10 MELLO MUSIC GROUP Bushido Self-Released


Rank Artist Album Label
1 BOOK OF WYRMS Occult New Age Self-Released
2 BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT Paint The Sky With Blood Napalm
3 ALICE COOPER Detroit Stories earMUSIC
4 TERMINAL BLISS Brute Err/ata Relapse
5 GRAVESEND Methods Of Human Disposal 20 Buck Spin
6 PAYSAGE D’HIVER Geister Kunsthall Produktionen
7 KOLDOVSTVO “I” [Single] Babylon Doom Cult
8 VICTORY OVER THE SUN “Nowherer” [Single] Self-Released
9 BOG BODY “The Gate of Grief” [Single] Stygian Black Hand
10 TOMAHAWK Tonic Immobility Ipecac


Rank Artist Album Label
2 DANNY BLU The Pale Horse Self-Released
3 REYMOUR Leviosa Knekelhuis
4 IGLOOGHOST Lei Line Eon Supernature
5 GOMA The Dark Monarc Machine Man
6 STEVE ROACH AND SERENA GABRIEL Temple of the Melting Dawn Self-Released
8 GREEN-HOUSE Music for Living Spaces Leaving
9 FATIMA AL QADIRI Medieval Femme Hyperdub
10 TAROTPLANE Horizontology 12th Isle


Rank Artist Album Label
1 LES FILLES DE ILLIGHADAD “Surbajo” [Single] Sahel Sounds
2 STRAIGHT FROM THE DECKS 2 VARIOUS ARTISTS Pura Vida Sounds/Heavenly Sweetness
3 KANE MATHIS Geminus Nyaato
4 COLOR DE TROPICO, VOL. 2 VARIOUS ARTIST [Advance Tracks] El Palmas
5 LEE FRY MUSIC “Wianek (feat Alia Fay)” [Single] Self-Released
6 ELIDA ALMEIDA Gerasonobu LusAfrica
7 NATION BEAT The Royal Chase Self-Released
8 YAADCORE, JAH9 AND SUBATOMIC SOUND SYSTEM “Police In Helicopter” [Single] Yard Birdz-Subatomic Sound
10 TOMMY GUERRERO Sunshine Radio Too Good

    April 13th, 2021

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