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Astronaut standing on the surface of the moon next to the American flag.

Science Museum of Virginia’s astronomer Justin Bartel is back in the studios and this time he’s talking to us about our nearest neighbor, the moon. Did you know that humans will be landing on the moon again for the first time in over fifty years?! In this episode, Justin tells us about the Artemis program and their upcoming missions (in Greek mythology, Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo; it was NASA’s Apollo program that landed the first men on the moon).

Also, there is an exciting lunar event coming up on April 8th: a total solar eclipse! Justin tells us why eclipses occur, what we can learn from them, and how we can best (and safely) view them.

To learn more, visit:

NASA’s page on the Artemis programĀ 

NASA’s page on the 2024 total solar eclipse

    Brain Box    March 11th, 2024

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