Friday Clock Out presents:

A Hero's Death
Today, L.J. will be hosting! He’ll be focusing on music from 2020, including A Hero’s Death by Fontaines D.C.! (Congrats to Fontaines D.C. on beating the sophomore album curse, it’s good!)
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    Friday Clock Out    September 25th, 2020

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top 30 new albums for May 12 presents:

The weekly chart reflects the diversity of programming on WRIR. In an average week, WRIR DJs play approximately 1,200 albums (and EPs and singles).

To make it on the list, an album must be released in the past year. Local bands and albums played by more than one DJ are given priority in the rankings.

Below the chart is a list of new albums added to the music library once that information has been compiled. Check back later if it’s not there yet.

1 Moor Jewelry True Opera self-released
2 Flat Worms Antarctica GOD?
3 Protomartyr Ultimate Success Today Domino
4 ohbliv Spirit Medicine B Sides self-released
5 Low Cut Connie Private Lives – Single Contender
6 Westside Gunn Pray for Paris Griselda
7 Control Top One Good Day – Single Get Better
8 Positive No Kyanite Little Black Cloud
9 No Age Goons Be Gone Drag City
10 Lucinda Williams Good Souls Better Angels Highway 20
11 Deerhoof Future Teenage Cave Artists Joyful Noise
12 Fiona Apple Fetch The Bolt Cutters Epic
13 RVG Feral Fire
14 Big No Big No Flux Editions
15 Deau Eyes Let It Leave Egghunt
16 Cysthen Home(s) self-released
17 True Body Heavenly Rhythms for the Uninitiated Funeral Party
18 Angelica Garcia Cha Cha Palace Spacebomb
19 The Legendary Ingramettes Take a Look in the Book self-released
20 Haybaby Stay Home Drunk Dial
21 Rah Scrilla & Profound 79 Sound Check – EP Gritty City
22 Kyle Davis Make It Count self-released
23 FM Skyline Liteware Crystal Pistol
24 Keep Keep – EP Citrus City
25 Addy Eclipse Topshelf
26 Bashful Driving Low Risk
27 Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes What Kinda Music Beyond The Groove / Blue Note
28 Kenny Mason Angelic Hoodrat self-released
29 RJD2 The Fun Ones RJ’s Electrical Connections
30 ADULT. Perception Is/as/of Deception Dais


    May 12th, 2020

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