Truth Over Fear and The Importance of Community Radio

     Before WRIR 97.3 LPFM, Richmond did not have a radio station who gave a voice for the un- and underrepresented. Mostly importantly, it did not have an uncensored voice of the people. Independent and community based radio, like WRIR, brings those unheard voices to communities around the country. In today’s climate of burgeoning censorship of media, the media is being used for false news and to induce fear. There is a denigration of and discrimination toward unbiased journalists who speak hard and uncomfortable truths. WRIR and other outlets that allow the community to speak are more necessary than ever. Independent media, made by and for the community, brings to light voices that are often silenced. The uncensored voice of the people, representing the diversity of cultures, ideas, and political viewpoints are a community’s strengths. We cannot communicate with each other without truth. We cannot grow our community without inclusion, and we cannot achieve balance without diversity.
     You want WRIR to make this happen. And we do. Every week, OpenSourceRVA brings you unbiased and balanced news about your city government. Common Thread and Women & Politics shares the new ideas shaping our social and political consciousness. You learn of the diversity within the LGBTQ community and contributions to our society when you hear Diversity Richmond Speaks! and The Rainbow Minute. Programs like Lightly on the Ground, Secretly Y’all and Creative Habit share the stories of people you may know. Information about resources and programs that serve the diverse needs of our residents come from It’s Time for Justice, Conversations on Recovery, Inspire Indeed and the V Word. When you listen to these programs, you hear more than sound bites. You learn what is happening in your community and why it is important to you.
Your support of of WRIR 97.3 LPFM brings these programs (and new ones being developed) to the airwaves every day. You show that you value real news and diverse commentary, and want to uplift the voices of those unheard across Richmond. Thank you.
Carol Olson
President of the Virginia Center for Public Press