One question frequently asked to a WRIR DJ is “So, how can I be a DJ on WRIR?” There’s no magic formula for getting you behind the mic at the station.

“The biggest piece of advice I have would be is to listen to the station for a while, and on different days. Hear what we have already on the air. Can you bring a unique perspective to the station, even if it’s a genre of music already represented?” Enzo, host of Friday’s Pop Goes The World, is our volunteer program director. He reviews show proposals with the music committees, helps new volunteers to train with current DJs and fills show openings. He’s seen and heard it all. “Ultimately, WRIR, to me, is a music driven station, and the music we play is the star. People listen to us because they will always get turned on to something new, or that they’ve never heard before.”

He shared more advice on becoming a DJ on WRIR.
• PRESENT your music, don’t just curate a playlist then execute it. Supply context for the music you’re playing.
• Be a DJ (in the old school radio sense of the term) not a curator, or worse, a “personality.” That doesn’t mean you can’t let your personality come through, but the difference between having a personality and being a personality is the difference between talking to someone as opposed to talking at them.
• Remember that radio is an aural medium. Present your songs so that they flow. It makes for better radio.

Still interested in starting the process? (1) Tell us about yourself by filling out our volunteer application, (2) Meet WRIR volunteers by attending a committee meeting. You’ll find WRIR DJs at the music committee. Seriously, just show up and introduce yourself. (3) You can email [email protected] to inquire about openings.