From our first broadcast in 2005 to this very moment, listeners like you have supported WRIR with your financial gifts. 80 percent of the money used to power WRIR comes from listeners like you. How will you support Richmond Independent Radio?

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$10/month ($60)
WRIR T-shirt exclusive for the Fund Drive

Jamie Douglas is the artist who designed this year’s shirt. It is the first t-shirt in Richmond to feature a three-legged, 3-eyed lizard. T-shirts are Next Level brand, unisex, 100% cotton, lightweight with water-based ink, pre-shrunk. (See his artist statement below.) Give Every Month  Give One Time

$20/month ($120)
WRIR Silver Stainless Straw, WRIR T-Shirt

A silver stainless straw engraved with “WRIR 97.3 fm • Richmond Independent Radio” cleaning wand, four black silicone tips and a canvas bag. Give Every Month  Give One Time

$40/month ($240)
WRIR Knit Cap, WRIR Silver Stainless Straw, WRIR T-Shirt

A Pro rib Tompkin knit cap with a logo designed by WRIR listener and artist Andrea O’Hara. The logo is embroidered with no more than 10,000 stitches. (We counted.) The cap is navy blue and made in the good ole US of A. Give Every Month  Give One Time

$60/month ($360)
Underwriting for nonprofit of your choice, WRIR Knit Cap, WRIR Silver Stainless Straw, WRIR T-Shirt

Do you have a favorite local nonprofit that would benefit from announcements made on air at WRIR? We will arrange for a robust schedule of on-air announcements scheduled throughout WRIR’s programs. The nonprofit must be a registered 501(c)(3) with a location in Richmond, Virginia. Content is subject to FCC rules and regulations. Give Every Month  Give One Time

$25 Student Level

Vintage WRIR t-shirts

Show a student ID and you pick a t-shirt from our Vintage T-Boutique.

Give Every Month  Give One Time

Other ways to give during the fund drive

Call WRIR from 9AM to 9PM at (804) 622-9747
Visit WRIR from 9AM to 9PM at 1621 W. Broad Street, 2nd Floor, 23220
Mail WRIR at attn: Fund Drive P.O. Box 4787, RVA 23220

So what’s up with a three-eyed, five-legged lizard?

We asked Jamie Douglas to explain his illustration. “ The design was inspired by punk show flyers made with collage and photocopying; though my image is much less wild. I scanned a wristband from some show for use as a design element. The type was created with Lettraset, the rub-on letters that graphic designers used back before Photoshop! My inexperience with this media lent a sort of authentic analog wonkiness that I could never replicate with just a computer. The lizard I drew in my sketchbook with a pen. Why three eyes and five legs? I like to imagine that it’s form is being jiggled and distorted by the force of radio goodness blasted through the airwaves from the Tower of Low Power.”
You can see more of his illustrations at and @jamiedouglasx (douglas spelled d-o-u-g-l-a-s-x) on instagram. 

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