Commonwealth of Notions - May 20th, 2010 presents:

Commonwealth Of NotionsCommonwealth of Notions – May 20th, 2010


Welcome to the new website! It has been a pretty wild week as far as local music is concerned and I want to clue you all into it. We will hear new stuff from Ophelia, Bermuda Triangles, Luke Saunders, La Mere Vipere and several others. I'll also keep you updated on shows happening within the city limits and revisit a few favorites of mine along the way. It's the Commonwealth of Notions!

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The Amoeba Men/Blackout/Worried About Your Wiring/2009

Bermuda Triangles/Riddles in the Sand/Reptilian Intervention/2010

La Mere Vipere/Bloodless Pharoah/Final Audit of Mammon/2009

Dynamic Truths/I Want to Know/Understanding is Overrated/2010

Glows in the Dark/Through a Glass Darkly/Glows in the Dark/2008

Bio Ritmo/Bionic Boogaloo/Bionico/2008

NO BS Brass Band/Ain't Even Gonna Call Ya/Alive in Richmond/2009

Luke Saunders/Smoke from the City/Green to Golden Brown/2010

Ophelia/Hunter's Bow/Ophelia/2010

The Itchy Hearts/I Been Walkin'/Do Ya Best/2010

Brett Harris/I Found Out/Man of Few Words/2010

Elliott Smith/Placeholder/New Moon/2007

The National/Terrible Love/High Violet/2010

The Hold Steady/Barely Breathing/Heaven is Whenever/2010

Ben Shepherd/Franklin Classon Mile/Demo/2008

Billy Wallace/The Road Spit Me Out/The Road Spit Me Out/2009


Homemade Knives/My Hummingbird Heart/No One Doubts the Darkness/2006

Brown Bird/The Ice and Snow Haunt Me Still/The Bottom of the Sea/2008

Nathan Joyce/Alloy/Archives/2008

Anousheh Khalili/Careful Lovers/Let The Ground Know Who's Standing On Him/2004

Ferdinand Thomas/Wooden Eyes/War Within A War EP/2010

Amazing Ghost/Sam Samina/Demo/2010

Hot Lava/Lady Postman/Split with Sad Cobras/2009

Passion Pit/Little Secrets (Cubscout and the Rhinoceros Remix)/2009

Sundials/Names That Matter Most/Names That Matter Most/2010

The Riot Before/Backstage Rooms/Rebellion/2010

Bermuda Triangles/Track 4/Reptilian Intervention/2010

Souvenir's Young America/Dust (Erasing the Future)/The Name of the Snake/2010

Nick Coward and the Last Battle/Noonday Devil/Live at Ipanema: Nick Coward and the Last Battle/2009

Homemade Knives/Marianna/No One Doubts the Darkness/2006

Shannon Cleary


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    May 19th, 2010

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