River City Limits - THE VIGNETTES play live in Studio B presents:

River City LimitsRiver City Limits – THE VIGNETTES play live in Studio B

The Way of The Sun – Domoarigotnoidea

El Zombie – Nothing Says I Love You Like A Chainsaw

The Leviathan's Mandible – In The Recesses of God's Shadow

Harris Mendell – Sunshine

The Itchy Hearts – Enrique

Farm Vegas – 600 Pounds of Sin

Thge Great White Jenkins  – River

Cubscout & the Rhinoceros
– Love & Laughter


Orioles – Turkey Feathers

Sundails – Names That Matter Most

Pedals On Our Pirate Ships – Pedals On Our Pirate Ships


Palominos – Willie For Guns


The Diamond Center  – The Deer Pistol

Bike – Radio Song

Bound To Bolt – Zombies Can't Swim

Ultra Dolphins – Duck Butter, Then

Friendly Fire – Bad Ideas & Friendship Societies


Eternal Summers – Loaded One

The Sad Cobras – Medusa Reducer

Cinemax –

Social Studies – ICTV

KID A – wasnotwas

Invisible Hand – Four Seasons


Billy Noom – As Only The Desperate Do

Wild Nothing – Summer Holiday

2090 – Under The Eyes of The Sky

Sunking – Big Black Sky

The Super Vacations – Henry

Bermuda Triangles – Riddles in the Sand

















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    May 22nd, 2010

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