Noise before the Summertime presents:

Noise before the Summertime

Chefkirk "Memory – 82 settings" from Mega Chuffed on Mask of the Slave Records

Cristal untitled on All is Numbers Records

Pedestrian Deposit "Mascara" from Fatale on Hospital Productions

Goat "2002v.2" from Deluxe Incenerator

Prurient "Finger" from Shipwrecker's Diary on Ground Fault Recordings

Wapstan from Saturnales

Promute untitled 4 from Rast Figment

Metalux and John Weise untitled from Exoteric on Load

Dead Machines untitled from limited 3" cd

Aemae "Neurotransmitter Light Unfolds" from The Helical World on Isounderscore



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    May 26th, 2010

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