things are exactly what they seem presents:

BombRadiothings are exactly what they seem

orchid-s/t side a

brainworms-biggy shorty,fatty and friends\

hope conspiracy-suicide design



amateur party-public utility complaint


brainworms-winnie cooper/art thou bored

insomnio-the spark/any moment

silver apples-seagreen serenades

bride of nono-pools of mercury

narwhalz of sound-poms f*cking the glitter wall

new order-temptation

social circkle-drunk cop/what's so great


melt banana-dreamer is too weak to face up to

genghish tron-endless teeth

comadre-angeles (elliot smith)

brainworms-for want of (rites of spring

dalek-eyes to form shadows

sakes alive!-the open maw



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    May 27th, 2010

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