Sat: 9-11AMEST;2-4PMUK All we want is our freedom presents:

The British BreakfastSat: 9-11AMEST;2-4PMUK All we want is our freedom

Featuring 14 new songs and/or groups today with a hodgepodge of other stuff and a couple of covers that you may dig.


Happy Memorial Day and in the UK Bank Holiday.



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Today's Playlist:

1. Fyfe Dangerfield "High On the Tide" 2009 Polydor (Birmingham/London)

2.  The Hollies "All the World Is Love"  1966 IMperial

3.  Karen Elson "Prett Babies" 2010 XL recordings (Oldham)

4.  John Mayall "Natur'e's Disappearing" 1970 Polydor

5.  Morcheeba "Even Though" 2010 PIAS (London)

6.  OMD "Enola Gay" 1980 (Liverpool)


7.  The Orchids ""She's My Girl" 2010 Pebble Records (Penilee, Scotland)

8.  The Miserable Rich "Somerhill" 2010 Humble Soul (Brighton)

9.  The Caravelles "Have You Ever Been Lonely" 60's (London)

10. This Many Boyfriends ""I Don't Like You (cos you don't like The Pastels)" 2010 unsigned (Leeds)

11. David Bowie "Ashes Ashes" 1980

12.  Blancmange "Living On the Ceiling" 1982 Island

13.  The Shoestrung "And You" 2010 unsigned

14.  The Cute Lepers "Berlin Girls" 2010 unsigned (Seattle)

15. The Haiku "REjoin the Race" 2010 self-released (Trowbridge)

16.  Crazy World of Arthur Brown "Nightmare" 1968

17.  Eskimo Fires "Lost and Found"  2010 unsigned (Derby, Midlands)

18.  The Gresham Flyers "Taggart" 2010 Cherryade Records (London via Midlands)

19. Yes "Every Little Thing" 1969 Atlantic

20. Machine Boy "People" 2010

(Hidden cut)

21. Valhalla Smith "Desert" 2010 unsigned and from the middle off England

22, Len Price 3 "Keep Your Eyes On Me" Wicked Cool REcords

23. Crack The Sky "I Am the Walrus" 1978 Lifesong




Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    May 29th, 2010

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