RCL: Honoring the memory of RVA musicians past & present presents:

River City LimitsRCL: Honoring the memory of RVA musicians past & present

Since it's Memorial Day Weekend, I thought I'd honor the memory of local musicians who are no longer with us.  Plus play recent releases by bands that are still with us.

Expect music by Bryan Harvey (House of Freaks), Jack Rose (Ugly Head), Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse), Christine Gibson (Beex), Sean Sumner (Death Piggy), Steve Hunter (Prevaricators), Graves Trusdale (Absence of Malice), Dwayne Curd (Graven Image), Dika Newlin (Apocowlypso).

Plus recent songs from Goy Division, Octane Saints, Bermuda Triangles, La Mere Vipere, Monday Machines.  All today 5-7PM!

Jack Rose 2/16/71-12/5/09:

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Goy Division – Warsaw  [new]
Octane Saints – Malt Liquor and Wine  [new]

Bermuda Triangles – Bloo  [new]
La Mere Vipere – First Command  [new]

Paul Ivey – Jeweled Mask  [tonight at Plaza Bowl]
Monday Machines – Ruined Monday  [new]
Low on Sanity – Before I Drown  [new]

Sparklehorse – Some Sweet Day  [RIP Mark Linkous]
House of Freaks – Long Black Train [RIP Bryan Harvey]

Jack Rose – Kensington Blues (live)
Ugly Head – Happiness is a Seizure  [RIP Jack Rose]

Beex – Depression Time  [RIP Christine Gibson]
Death Piggy – Bathtub in Space  [RIP Sean Sumner]
Prevaricators – Hanky Panky  [RIP Steve Hunter]
Graven Image – Dear Abby  [RIP Dwayne Curd]

Apocowlypso – Ride Me to Heaven  [RIP Dika Newlin]
Absence of Malice – Liberation  [RIP Graves Trusdale]

King Sour – Palookaville  [ALMOST reunion this month!]
Brainflower – Maldoror  [getting remastered!]
Rattlemouth – Good Clean Fun  [saw Wednesday night]

Mudd Helmut – Something's Gotta Give  [reunion July 31st?]
The Vacant Stairs – I Wait

Heks Orkest – I've Been Waiting  [playing Gallery 5 June 13th]
RPG – (This Song Used to be Called) Something Else
Thelma Shook – You're Already Soaking In It
Janet Martin – Cajun Lane

Orthotonics – This Time it Looked Like You
GWAR – The Horror of Yig  [playing The National June 16th]

The Rabbit – The Carrot
Mao Tse Helen – Get Down Syndrome Boogie
Hot Little Number – Black Dog

Honor Role – Anonymous Cave



Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    May 29th, 2010

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