The New Breakfast Snob : Dixie Chicken Edition presents:

The New Breakfast SnobThe New Breakfast Snob : Dixie Chicken Edition

Don't forget to feed the possums this weekend!

Bird York- Up in Flames- Velvet Hour

Garbage- The Trick is to Keep Breathing- V2.0- 1998

P.J. Harvey- Perfect Day Elise- Is This Desire?- 1998

Carrie Rodriguez- 50's French Movie- 7AOAB- 2006

Little Feat- Rock and Roll Doctor- 1977

Neil Young- Vampire Blues- On the Beach- 1974

Steve Hillage- Sea Nature- Green- 1978


Stranglers- Toiler of the Sea- Black and White- 1978

Richard Thompson- When The Spell is Broken -Live

BeBop Deluxe- Rocket Cathedral- Axe Victim- 1974

Kinks- Powerman- Lola vs The Moneyground- 1972

Pretty Things- She's a Lover -Parachute- 1970

Cary Grace– Firefly- Mendip Rock- 2008

Atomic Rooster- Goodbye Planet Earth

Pentangle- Mirage

Iron Butterfly- Mirage- Inna…- 1968

Jethro Tull- Sweet Dream- 1969

Funkadelic- Trash a Go Go- Cosmic Slop- 1974

Area 27- Intergalactic- LunaBelle Sampler-2008

X- Universal Corner- Wild Gift- 1981

Monday Machines– The Answer- MM- 2010

Cursive- Retreat!-2006

Crack The Sky- Ice- Live Sky- 1976

Dare Dukes- From A Plane- Prettiest Transmitter- 2008

Sound of the Blue Heart- The Poisoning- Wind of Change-2009

Peter Tosh – I'm The Toughest- Single-1979

Allan Coberly


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    May 29th, 2010

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