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Commonwealth Of NotionsJune 3rd, 2010

Good Evening,

The weather has caught up with me and I am overcoming an awesome illness. In that respect, tonight is going to focus on all the wonderful local stuff but I might throw several curveballs out there to just keep things interesting. It's gonna be a bit freeform this evening, so bare with me. It's the Commonwealth of Notions!

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As Always, Thanks for Staying Up and Listening!


Vampire Weekend/The Kids Dont Stand A Chance/Vampire Weekend/2008

The Thirds/Louise/Silverlight/2010

Thao Nguyen/Tallymarks/Like The Linen/2005

Hot Lava/The Auctioneer/Split with Hot Lava and The Sad Cobras/2009

Pedals on Our Pirate Ships/Social Segregation/Pedals on Our Pirate Ships/2005

The Riot Before/To Live How We Believe/Rebellion/2010

The Lawrence Arms/Boatless Booze Cruise (Part One)/Apathy and Exhaustion/2002

The Hold Steady/Certain Songs/Almost Killed Me/2004

Tim Barry/Downtown VCU/28th and Stonewall/2010

Zac Hryciak and the Jungle Beat/Wear a Helmet/Live at Ipanema: Zac Hryciak and the Jungle Beat/2010

Ophelia/Call Me/Ophelia/2010

Tom Petty/Crawling Back to You/Wildflowers/1994

Ophelia/The Butcher/Ophelia/2010

Bruce Springsteen/My Father's House/Nebraska/1982


Ryan Adams/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Love is Hell/2004

Brett Harris/So Easy/Man of Few Words/2010

Nick Woods/So Sorry As Me/Demo/2009

Liza Kate/Anclote/7"/2005

Harris Mendell/Sunshine/Horn and Tusk/2010

Sundials/Names That Matter Most/Names That Matter Most/2010

The Riot Before/Backstage Rooms/Rebellion/2010

Prabir-Goldrush/The Dream is Over/An Introduction to…/2010

Exebelle and the Rusted Cavalcade/Introduction to the Stage of Innocence/Vivement L'Automne/2010

The National/Bloodbuzz, Ohio/High Violet/2010

Shannon Cleary


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    June 2nd, 2010

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