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Local music coming at you!

Muchacho                                               Bio Ritmo

Two Towns Away                                  Stephen Christoff

Over The Wall                                           Moruza

Joe                                                             Kepone


Diamond of War                                    Apocalypse Pow

Wake Up                                                Susan Greenbaum

Mining For Diamonds                         Ringfinger


Humming and Entropy                    Cinesophia

Ironweed                                            Tulsa Drone

Scrambled Eggs                           Live Wires


The Dream is Over                         Prabir/Goldrush

The Journey                                   The J.O.B.

Forever Wanting You                       The Atkinsons

Sharpen Your Knives                The Wiremen


Yours                                             Griefbirds

Stay Past Mornings                 Shane March

Catch Me If you Can                     Jonathan Vassar

The Ocean Drinks The Sun     Homemade Knives


Alma                                               Miramar

Traces of Gold                             Louisiana Territory

Do Something                            Antero

Eye for An Eye                           Kilamanjahro

Days of Quiet   Sun                The Barracudas


Subconscious Mind               Los 10 Space

Betsy                                        The Hot Seats


Word of Mouth                        photosynthesizers

Laurie Says                       Mr. Sensitive




Albert Green


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    June 5th, 2010

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