The More Things Fall Apart, The More They Stay The Same presents:

The New Breakfast SnobThe More Things Fall Apart, The More They Stay The Same

Molten rock from the Earth's core.

The songs:

Taina Asili y La Band Rebelde- It's In Our Hands- War Cry-2010

Peter Green- Funky Chunk- In The Skies- Sail -1979

Blue Number Nine- Dig My Hands-

Fleetwood Mac- Hypnotized- Mystery To Me-1973

Brice Woodall- Control Freak- Feathery Trigger-2006

Eleni Mandell- Artificial Fire- 2010


Peter and Karen Bayreuther- Wild Roses- Multidimensional Reality- 1994

Garbage- Dumb-2.0-1998

Ace No Face- Regrets- Toxic Charm-

Roxy Music- The Bogus Man- Viva Roxy Music-1976

John Brodeur- Love and Misery- Get Through-2010

BeBop Deluxe- Piece of Mine- Live in the Air Age-1977

Cary Grace- Vanishing- Single-2009-Door13

Golden Palominos- Clustering Train-

Rare Earth- In Bed -1969

Astronauts of Antiquity- Beautiful Fate- Rocket Science For Dummies-2008

Moby Grape- Murder in my Heart For The Judge- WOW

The Kinks- Here Comes A New Day

Monday Machines- Spinning Plates- MM- Door13- 2010

Cursive- I Couldn't Love You Any More- Mama I'm Swollen-Saddlecreek-2009

Crazy Horse- One-Sided Love- Loose-1972

Paw- Jesse- Dragline-1993

X- White Girl- Wild Gift- 1981

Pere Ubu- Wasted-Story of My Life-1993

Traffic- Medicated Goo- Last Exit-1969

Soft Boys- Empty Girl- Invisible Hits-1977

801- You Really Got Me- 801 Live-1976

Allan Coberly


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    June 5th, 2010

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