The Motherland Influence 5-7 presents:

The Motherland Influence 5-7

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1)Mose Fan Fan (D.R. Congo)

"Hello Hello"

from the CD "Hello Hello"



2)Barbara Kanam (D.R. Congo)

"Reponds Moi"

from the CD "Karibu" 2010

Kiki Productions


3)Dobet Gnahore (Ivory Coast) 2010


from the CD "Djekpa La You"



4)Meiway (Ivory Coast) 2010

"Nzima Kotoko"

from the CD "M20"



5)Grupo Missema (Gabon) 1988

"Assiya Asso"

from the LP "20 ans Missema"

Sono Disc


6)Monguito el Unico (Cuba)

"Con Todo el Corazon"

from the LP "Algo Diferente"



7)Etoile De Dakar (Senegal)

"Esta China"

from the CD "Once Upon A Time In Senegal: The Birth Of Mbalax 1979-1981" (2010)

Sterns Africa


8)Kaloum Star (Guinea)


from the CD "Felenko"

Buda Musique


9)Issa Juma & Super Wanyika Stars (Kenya)

"Ma Eliza"

from the CD "World Defeats The Grandfathers" (2010)

Stern's Africa


10)Musa Juma & Limpopo International (Kenya)


from the CD "Vol.3: Ufisadi"

Limpopo International Production


11)Unity Sound Reggae Band(USA)

"Who Are We"

from the CD "Unity Sound Reggae Band"

Unity sound


12)Adjabel Ife (Haiti/France)

"Cousin Zaka"

from the CD Caribbean Journey (Racine 4)


13)Tony Allen (Nigeria) 2010


from the CD "Secret Agent"

World Curcuit


14)Boolumbal (Mauritania/France) 2010

"Nguru Gool"

from the CD "Fuuta Blues"

Sunset France


15)Jena Mandako (D.R. Congo)


from the LP "Likita"

Eddy's Son


16)Super Negro Bantous (Nigeria)

"Trouble And Jealousy"

from the LP "Super Negro Bantous"

Rogers All Stars


17)Chief Dr. Oliver De Coque & his 76 Ogene Sound Super Africa (Nigeria)

"Mbuluba Uwa (Destiny)"

from the CD "Vintage Hits Vol. 2"

Olumo Records Ltd.


18)Leon Keita (Mali)


from the LP "Leon Keita"

Ets. Papa Disco

DJ GrayBeard


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    June 6th, 2010

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