Noisy Wed! presents:

Noisy Wed!

Stimbox "Where Did Everyone Go?" from split with Marax on Muchausen Sound

Christoph de Babalon "Opium" from If You're Into It, I'm Out of It on DHR

Axiomatic Integration "Folie" from Syntonic self produced

Esther Venrooy untitled from To Shape Volumes, repeat self produced

Akitsa "Terre Eternelle" from split with Prurient on Hospital Productions

Damion Romero untitled and The Cherry Point untitled from L.A. Noisescape on Bastardized

Donna Parker "Guitars Without Guitars" from Black Black Heart on Phase Records

Bearses untitled from The Prettiest Girl I Ever Saw on Hymns

Black Meat from Stuttering Anomaly and the Glorious Reception

Wapstan "Mystery of the Northern Space" from split with Karst on Brise Cul Records

KK Null untitled from Atomik Disorder on Neurot Recordings




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    June 9th, 2010

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