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No themes today, just 60's & 70's music for 2 hours,,,hmmm, maybe that IS a theme…Let's ride!!!

Set 1

Blue Cheer/Satisfaction/Outisdeinside/Mercury\

Mighty Baby/Same Way from the Sun/mighty baby/Big Beat

Graham Nash & David Crosby/Southbound Train/Nash-Crosby/Atlantic

Thyme/I Found You/A Square (of course)/Big Beat

3 Dog Night/Heaven is in Your Mind + It's For You/Three Dog Night/Dunhill

Set 2

Mojo Men/She's My Baby/Love is the Song We Sing/Rhino

Kenny & the Kasuals/Nuggets, vol.2./Rhino

Cowsills/Silver Threads & Golden Needles + Night Shift/11X11/MGM

Set 3

Kak/Electric Sailor/Kak/Epic

Marc Ellington/Days Used to be Much Warmer/The Fairport Companion/Castle

Humble Pie/I Don't Need no Doctor/Rockin' the Fillmore/A&M

Set 4

Bob Mosley/Thanks/Bob Mosley

Keef Hartley Band/Not Foolish, Not Wise/Battle of NW Six/Deram

Duster Bennett/I'm the One/Comp. Blue Horizon Sessions/Blue Horizon

Kevin Ayers/Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes/Whatevershebringswesing/Harvest

Caravan/In the Land of Grey & Pink/In the Land of G&P/Deram

Set 5

10 Wheel Drive/Tightrope/Construction #1/Polydor

Move/Ella James + No Time/Message from the Country/Capitol

Chris Etheridge + Joel Scott Hill/Eyesight/LA Getaway/Atco

Set 6

Budgie/I Ain't No Mountain/Best of Budgie/Spectrum

Otis Redding/Rock Me Baby/Otis Blue/Rhino

Sparkles/No Friend of Mine/Nuggets, vol.2/Rhino


Set 7

Half-Life/Get Down/A Square (of course)/Big Beat

Bubble Puppy/Hurry Sundown/A Gathering of Promises/Fuel 2000

Buzzy Lawler


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    June 12th, 2010

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