Paul Ivey and The Ruse doin suthern fried UK music and presents:

The British BreakfastPaul Ivey and The Ruse doin suthern fried UK music and

Live performance today and lots of new stuff grin




1.  Curly Hair "Blow The House Down" 2010 Toy Soldier (New Cross, Brighton)

2.  Swanton Bombs "Viktoria" 2010 Fat Possum (Burningside/Brightom)

3.  Valium Skies "Teardrops Whoallo" 2010 unsigned (Manchester)


1.  The Fratellis "Chelsea Dager" 2006 Drop the Gun Recordings (Glasgow)

2.  The Broken Buttons "Wasted" 2010 unsigned (Leeds/Wakefield)

3.  Delays "You Wear The Sun" 2004 Rough TRade (Southampton)


1.  Race Horses "Captain Penelope Smith" 2010 Fantastic Plastic (Wales)

2.  Teenage fanclub "baby Lee" 2010 Creation/Merge (Glasgow)

3.  Miranda Sex Garden "Sunshine" 1993 Mute (London)


1.  KInfauns "Lucky Rabbit Jungle Book" 2010 Gaffa Tape Mix Tapes (Stockton-On-Tees)

2.  The Foxes "Something About You" 2010 Toy Soldier REcords

3.  Das Fluff "Mosquito" 2010 unsigned (London

1.  The Subway Strippers "Jimmy Blacksheep"  2010 unsigned (Norwich/Surrey)

2.  Starshy "Memorie nThat Linger" 2009 Bubblegum Records (Glasgow)

3.  Castle Farm "Mascot) 1972 Past&Present (Romford)

*****4 mahvelous UK cuts from Richmond's Paul Ivey and The Ruse plus an added bonus original!!!!!





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    June 12th, 2010

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