A Party of One:  Ode to generation W 1/2 presents:

A Party Of OneA Party of One:  Ode to generation W 1/2

So it was, I came into social conciousness in late 1989.  I had some older friends, who hung out with older friends, who-in retrospect-were way too cool to be hanging out with the wee version of me.  As I grew older, I hung with them more and more.  They were the hipsters in Richmond of that time, now 20 years ago.  My first roommate, Karin, had lived in SanFran in '89 during the quake.  Her house was decorated IKEA/Chinatown/Vintage thrift before any of that was cool when I was there, watching Gorgeous George on her Continental Cablevision and using her computer to access this tedious yet intriguing new thing called 'the internet'.  She had a Swingin' Elvis clock and a subscription to Archie MacPhee.  Her friends, and by extention mine, wrote for Throttle and drank esspresso while talking about Kafka, Tank Girl, and that crazy new sound in Seattle.  They were weird, they were beat, they were the core of the little artist community that was VCU pre-Trani.  They were my heroes.  

This was 1990-92 and they had already been there, done that.  They weren't Generation X, no no.  Gen Xers were annoying pipsqueaks to them.  They were, as one period zine indie-comic strip put it, Generation W 1/2.  Lost between two cultural giants, America's middle-children.  I only caught the last little bit of their hey-day here in Richmond, but to me, that will always be the Richmond I remember most fondly.  And so, a tribute to them.  

So put on your eyeliner and your suede shoes, put that Smiths record on the Hi-Fi, and get ready to stroll on down by Twisters, The Jade Elephant, and the Old Village.  Destination: Memory Lane.  

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By the way, Sorry folks!  I forgot to start recording the podcast until half-way through "Lake of Fire".  You'll just have to use your imagination i guess!

 Asie Payton – Asie's Jam

Otis Redding – Satisfaction

The Smiths – Ask

David Bowie – Young American

The Meat Puppets – Lake of Fire

Husker Du – Broken Home, Broken Heart

Sonic youth – Dirty Boots

The Residents – Jelly Jack

The Minutemen – Corona

Cracker – Teen Angst (What the world needs now)

The Slickee Boys – When I go to the Beach

GWAR – Sick of You

Faith No More – Zombie Eaters

Violent Femmes – Blister in the Sun


Album Selection of the week: Sam Trinh and The Upper East Side Big Band, "The Abbey Road Project"

-I want you (She's so Heavy)

-Here Comes The Sun



The Melvins – Creepy

Nirvana – Negative Creep

Negativland – Car Bomb

The Breeders – Fortunately Gone

Captain Beefheart & his magic Band – Moonlight on Vermont

The Breeders – Celia Ann

Joy Division – Failures

Alice Cooper – Muscle of Love

Half-Japanese – Firecracker

The Nails – 88 Lines About 44 Women

The Stooges – Little Doll

Black Sabbath – Fairies Wear Boots

Muppets Closing theme – Thanks for listening!



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    June 15th, 2010

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