June 17, 2010 (Extended Edition) presents:

Commonwealth Of NotionsJune 17, 2010 (Extended Edition)


It's that time of the night! I'm gonna be playing a ton of local stuff as well as old favorites of mine along with a few new records I have come across. Also, I'm feeling like staying up all night! If you feel so inclined, stay up late with WRIR tonight for an extended edition of the Commonwealth of Notions!

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Hot Lava/Mummy Beach/Lavalogy/2007

Fuzzy Baby/Sigh/Style Weekly Sounds of Richmond Vol. 3/2010

The Gaslight Anthem/Orphans/American Slang/2010

The Riot Before/Backstage Rooms/Rebellion/2010

The Bouncing Souls/Private Radio/How I Spent My Summer Vacation/2001

Bruce Springsteen/Terry's Song/Magic/2007

The Hold Steady/The Weekenders/Heaven is Whenever/2010

Barn Burning/By The Time I Get To Tuscon/Bound to Leave This Dark Behind/2007

David Shultz and the Skyline/Give It Back/Rain In To The Sea/2009

Liza Kate/Dont Let The Dogs/Dont Let The Dogs/2009

Bright Eyes/You WIll. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will./Lifted/2002

Nick Coward and the Last Battle/Rahula/Live at Ipanema: Nick Coward and the Last Battle/2009

Zac Hryciak and the Jungle Beat/Wear A Helmet/Live at Ipanema: Zac Hryciak and the Jungle Beat/2010

Orioles/Turkey Feathers/Live at Ipanema: Orioles/2009

Julie Karr (featuring Liza Kate)/What Kind of Woman Are You?/Live at Ipanema: Julie Karr/2009

David Shultz/Call Me/Live at Ipanema: Jonathan Vassar and David Shultz/2009


LCD Soundsystem/All My Friends/The Sound of Silver/2006

The Gaslight Anthem/The Diamond Church Street Choir/American Slang/2010

Against Me!/Bamboo Bones/White Crosses/2010

Lucero/Slow Dancing/Tennessee/2002

Seas/Valley of the Fevers/Now My Home is a Beech Tree/2010

Mass Movement of the Moth/Crime/Outerspace/2005

Dynamic Truths/I've Got Your Psychic Friend/Understanding is Overrated/2010

Bermuda Triangles/Reptilian Intervention/Reptilian Intervention/2010

La Mere Vipere/Gallows Cheat/Final Audits of Mammon/2010

Souvenir's Young America/Dust (Erasing the Future)/The Name of the Snake/2010

Dave Watkins/Whiskey Butter Sauce/The Richmond Scene Mixtape 2010/2010

Forensics/Failed Master/You Dont Have to Win, But You Have to Fight/2010

The Catalyst/Werewolves of Washington/Swallow Your Teeth/2009


Samson Trinh & The Upper East Side Big Band/Come Together/The Abbey Road Project/2010

Loose Fur/The Ruling Class/Born Again in the USA/2006

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings/The Game Gets Old/I Learned the Hard Way/2010

LCD Soundsystem/Drunk Girls/This is Happening/2010

The Itchy Hearts/Mary and Buddy/Do Ya Best/2010

The National/Bloodbuzz, Ohio/High Violet/2010

The Gaslight Anthem/Old Haunts/American Slang/2010

Rocky Votolato/Alabaster/Suicide Medicine/2003

Bright Eyes/A Song to Pass The Time/Fevers and Mirrors/2000

Rilo Kiley/With Arms Outstretched/The Execution of All Things/2002

Dillinger Four/All Rise for the Rational Anthem/Situationist Comedy/2002

Smoke or Fire/The Patty Hearst Syndrome/This Sinking Ship/2008

Boy Sets Fire/Rookie/After the Eulogy/2001

A Roman Holiday/Dodging Seagulls in a 89' Grand Am/A Russian Winter/2005

Hot Lava/JPG in the Sun->Ghosties/Lavalogy/2008

Shannon Cleary


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    June 16th, 2010

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