tunes from your friends and neighbors presents:

tunes from your friends and neighbors

All local music!

El Piraguero                            Bio Ritmo

Hose Water                              Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra

Goodbye Sun Hello Moon      Leslie Moruza

Spinning Plates                       Monday Machines

I Cried Once                             The Wild Cherries

Double Dash                            You Guys Are Girls

Two Towns Away                   Steven Christoff

Here Comes the Sun              Samson Trinh and the Upper East Side Big Band

Siren                                          Marionette

Handmade Highwire             Alllen Thompson

Pink Tornado                          Eric Hunter and Horsehead

Traces of Gold                        Louisianna Territory

Sirensongs                             Battleflags

I found Out                              Brett Harris

Narcotic Feather                   La Mere Vipere


Saccharine Glue                Schwa

Pretty Little Demons         Ben Jordan and the Heathens

Rebirth of a Nation            Gills and Wings

Afro Pik, Part1                      Oregon Hill Funk All Stars


Sharpen Your Knives       And the Wiremen….

Grey Haired Horses         Las Gitanas

Something You Ain't Got      Cracker

Jenny Jane                            Pennyshaker


Bone in the USA                  Amazing Ghost

Dance of the Bird People  The  Ululating Mummies

I Know Better                         B Martin

Albert Green


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    June 19th, 2010

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