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1.  David Bowie ""Future Legend" "Diamond Dogs" 1974 RCA

2.  The Coral "Butterfly House" 2010 (Merseyside)

3.  Tracey Thorn "Femme Fatale" 1982 Cherry Red

4.  Lady Panther "Get" 2010 unsigned (Norwich)


1.  May 68 "My Ways" 2010 unsigned (Manchester)

2.  Frontiers "Your Heart" 2010 unsigned (Nottingham)

3.  The Wave Pictures "Kiss Me" 2010 Moshi Moshi (London)

4. Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders "Girl Can't He;p It" 1965 Fontana (Manchester)

5.  Deadbeat Echoes "Hanging Tree" 2010 unsigned (Northwest)

6.  Baker Gurvitz Army "Hearts On Fire" 1976 Atco


1.  Cold Pistols "Peter Sellers" 2010 Unsigned (Stockton)

2.  Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Hollow Eyes" 1985 Red Rhino

3.  Temposhark "The World Does Not Revolve Around You" 2010 Glue (London)

4.  The Foundations "Till The Night Brought Day" Till The Night Brought Day" 1969 UNI

5.  Spaghetti Anywhere "Girlfriends With Boyfriends" 2010 Unsigned (Glasgow, Rome, East London)

6.  Uriah Heep "Traveller In Time" 1972 Mercury


1.  Dear Winesburg "Beneath The Eaves" 2010 unsigned (London)

2.  New Order "Run 2" 1989 Factory

3.  The Fuzz "Rainfall" 2010 unsigned (Norwich)

4.  The Broken Buttons "Dirty As Gin" 2010 unsigned (Leeds/Wakefield)


1.  Tigercats "Konny huck" 2010 Haircut Records (East London)

2.  Billy J Kramer and The Dakotas "Second To None" 1964 Imperial

Then a weird Dutch bands cover of "Help" from 1972 to celebrate The Netherlands World Cup Win!







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    June 19th, 2010

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