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A Party Of OneGreta B plays post punk and vintage electro

Greetings! It's Greta B here filling in for Dustin Richardson. I'm in a post-punk/electro mood, so let's visit some more offbeat little songs from bands around the world. I'll also play you a couple of NUNS songs that I played bass on, and a song that MARTIN HOYOS wrote for me!


Later in the set we'll hear from three of my favorite overlooked new wave bands, and also get an update on what's new in the world of METAL.


I frorgot to start recording on time, but here's most of theset on PODCAST:

TELEX – Tour De France-Neurovision 1980

PROCON- Pussy- Procon 2005

PROCON- Drive On- Procon 2005



NUNS- We Will Own You

NUNS- Whore


SISTERS OF MERCY- Marian-First and last and Always 1985

FAINT- The Conductor- Danse macabre



ALDA RESERVE- Some get Away-Love Goes On 1979

ALDA RESERVE- Overnite jets- Love Goes On 1979

CODE BLUE- Whisper/Touch- S/T 1980

CODE BLUE- Face to Face- S/T1980



REDS- Whatcha Doin To Me-S/T 1979

REDS- Self Reduction- S/t 1979


GREG KIHN BAND- The Breakup Song

NICK LOWE- I Love The Sound Of breaking Glass-Jesus of Cool

THIN LIZZY- Romeo and the Lonely Girl- Jailbreak



RATTLEHEAD- Judgement Day


ISIS-The Beginning and the End-Oceanic

ISIS-  Ghost Key- Wavering Radiant


DEPARTMENT S- Is Vic There- 1981

DEPARTMENT S- Going Left Right


ABECEDARIANS- Smiling Monarchs



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    June 22nd, 2010

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