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Today I'm doing a salute to the Pub Rock movement of the 70's, featuring lots of energetic, passionate, fun rockin' out.

GN below indicates songs that come from the following collection" Goodbye Nashville, Hellow Camden Town/Castle REcords


Set 1

Ducks Deluxe/Fireball + Hearts on My Sleeve/Ducks Deluxe/RCA

Dr. Feelgood/I Can Tell + Going Back Home /Malpractice/United Artists

Kilburn & the High Roads/Billy Bentley (Promenades himself in London)/GN

Set 2

Ace/I Think it's Gonna Last/Time for Another/Anchor

Bees Make Honey/What Have We got to Lose/GN

Count Bishops/Train Train/Ibid.

Big Jim Sullivan/If I Could Only Play Like That/Ibid.

Kursaal Flyers/Detroit Tin/Golden Mile/CBS

Set 3

Jerry the Ferret/How Long/GN

Pirates/Gibson Martin Fender/Ibid.

Eddie & the Hot Rods/All I Need is Money/Ibid.

"/Do Anything You Wanna Do/Life on the Line/Island

Set 4

Albert Lee/Best I Can/GN

Unicorn/115-Bar Joy/GN

Elvis Costello/Miracle Man/My Aim is true/Rykodisc

Ernie Graham/Sweet Inspiration/GN

Matchbox/Rock 'n' Roll Band/GN

Set 5

Graham Parker/Pourin' it All out + Back Door Love/Heat Treatment/Mercury

Nick Lowe/Heart of the City/Jesus of Cool/Yeproc

Dave Edmunds/Get Out of Denver/Get It/Swan Song

"/No Money Down/Subtle as a Flying Mallet/RCA

Set 6

Mickey Jupp/If Only Mother/GN

Brinsley Schwarz/What Do you Suggest/Brinsley Schwarz/Capitol

"/Don't Lose your Grip on Love/Nervous on the Road/United Artists

Downliners Sect/Blue Coupe de Ville/GN

Chilli Will & the Red Hot Peppers/Goodbye Nashville, Hello Camden Town/GN

Set 7/Last Song

Ducks Deluxe/Don't Mind Rockin' Tonite/Ducks Deluxe/RCA

Buzzy Lawler


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    June 26th, 2010

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