Greta plays you some local metal and punk from the 90’s and beyond presents:

River City LimitsGreta plays you some local metal and punk from the 90’s and beyond


Hi, all! It’s Greta B. here with the local show. I’m in a late 90’s kind of mood, so I’ll be playing you  Honor Role, Butterglove, and Breadwinner, as well as several iterations of INQUISITION offshoots like Strike Anywhere and River City High.

MACHINE CHOP INC-Reconciliation
THUD-Ventilator-Life and Death

STRIKE ANYWHERE- We Amplify- Exit English 2003
STRIKE ANYWHERE- Til Days Shall be No More- Exit English 2003

RIVER CITY HIGH-Left Behind-Wont Turn Down 2001
RIVER CITY HIGH-Belle Said- Wont Turn Down 2001
LONG ARMS- Every All the Time-2010 demo

WHITE CROSS- What A Turnout
UGLY LAW- Sulphur Kisses
CRAPTAIN JACK and the SCHMEES- We Rule the Dan

HONOR ROLE- ?- The Pretty Song
HONOR ROLE-?- The Pretty Song
BREADWINNER- Exploder-The Burner
BREADWINNER- Turtlehead- The Burner

BUTTERGLOVE- Lisa's World- John Morand Session
BUTTERGLOVE- Nordic Lumberjack- John Morand Session
SUZUKITON- Rogue Mech.-Repair handbook 2002

PATRICK PHELAN-Marring the Frame-Parlor

TULSA DRONE- Laurel Street
TULSA DRONE- We'll Take Oregon Hill
AU AU-Naming names- All Of It

FRANK ZIG- Eres mas Malo Que El Veneno
FRANK ZIG- Montanacaballo

RIOT BEFORE-What I've Missed-Rebellion 2010
PARASYTIC- Black Blood- Hymn 2009


LAMB OF GOD-Condemn The Hive-Hourglass 2010
LAMB OF GOD- Duane-Hourglass 2010
ANTIETAM1862- Smash the Holy Reich- Life death Entwined 2010

LORD BY FIRE-Three Sisters of the Wolves
SOURMILK SEA-Stopthehellyoumakemaybeyourown

OCCULTIST-Glossolalia-2009 demo




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    June 26th, 2010

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