call and response presents:

Chapter And Versecall and response

a good poriton of this show is under the  loose theme- Call and Response-originals, covers and musical influences.

Kalakuta Show                 Fela Kuti

Big Man                            Antibalas


London Calling             The Clash

Rock the Casbah          Richard Cheese

Rock El Casbah           Rachid Taha

Once in a Lifetime        Big Daddy

Houses in Motion          Talking Heads

No Compassion           Talking Heads

Talking World War III Blues   Bob Dylan

Talking Seattle Grunge Rock Blues    Todd Snyder


Scarbourough Fair/Canticle           Simon&Garfunkel

Cool, Cool River                               Paul Simon

The Boy in The Bubble                   Patti Smith

Notorius                                            Duran Duran

Girls on Film                                    Bjorn Again


God Save The Queen                    Opium Jukebox

Holidays In The Sun                      The Sex Pistols

Promise                                             Violent Femmes

Gimme Shelter                               Rolling Stones


Ventilator Blues                             Rolling Stones

The Wheel                                       Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians

Caramel                                             Suzanne Vega

Ramblin  Woman                            Cat Power

Ramblin   Man                                 Hank Williams




Albert Green


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    June 27th, 2010

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