Further Returning On Mother’s Milk! presents:

Further Returning On Mother’s Milk!


You can't call it a comeback – I never left – but after a month devoted to all of the illegal substances people sometimes turn to in PLACE of alcohol, it's great to be back to the regular Mother's Milk gig:  it's all BOOZE, baby!  Good times.  I wonder if that's Rachel, in the above photo?  Could be, could be!  Anyways, we have tons of great music tonight, in a plethora of styles, all revolving around our raison d'etre: drankin'! 

Thanks for tuning in, and I hope you'll all check out the setlist at the website, and become a fan of our Facebook page if you're not already. 

UPDATE:  Miss the live broadcast?  It's cool, dawg… I got yer back.  Click here to download the podcast, and listen whenever you like.  I love you!

Josh Sturgill


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    July 5th, 2010

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