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New Music MachineSo, what have I been listening to?

Inspired by last week's Cause & Effect, I decided to play some of my favorite records this week.  So crunching the numbers based on my Major Brand Digital Music Player, I figured out which are the 20-some most listened to new records.  Okay, number one is Spoon.  What are the rest?  You'll have to tune in.

And there are two exceptions –

I'm starting with Lush and School of Seven Bells.  The new track from SSB really reminds me of early 90s shoegaze.

Even though they don't have a new record out yet this year, Blonde Redhead are still one of my most listened artists.  So I'll be playing a track from their new album Penny Sparkle (out September 14th).

Song Artist Album Label Year
Jack McHale


Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    July 8th, 2010

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