Fontaine filling in for Dan tonight on Salad Days 11pm-1am presents:

Salad DaysFontaine filling in for Dan tonight on Salad Days 11pm-1am

Fontaine filling in tonight for Dan, bringing you mostly classic punk rock.  Sex Pistols, Damned, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Misfits, Bad Brains, GBH, and more!

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Minor Threat – Salad Days

Ramones – Psycho Therapy
Black Flag – Jealous Again
Fear – More Beer
The Germs – Manimal  [request]
Flipper – Ha Ha Ha  [request]

The Damned – New Rose
Scratch Acid – She Said
Teenage Jesus & the Jerks – I Woke Up Dreaming
Units – Cannibals

Siouxsie + Banshees – Helter Skelter
The Misfits – Teenagers from Mars
GBH – City Baby Attacked by Rats  [at Canal Club July 24th]
X – We're Desperate
Exploited – Dead Cities
Johnny & the Self-Abusers (pre-Simple Minds) – Saints & Sinners

Swell Maps – Border Country
ATV (Alternative Television) – Life
The Fall – Totally Wired
Bad Brains – Pay to Cum
Birthday Party – Cry
Dead Kennedys – Rawhide

Spizz Energi – Where's Captain Kirk?
Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant
Richard Hell & the Voidoids – Blank Generation
Agent Orange – Everything Turns Grey

Meat Puppets – I Just Want to Make Love to You
Joy Division – Warsaw
The Pop Group – Rob a Bank
DOA -War

The Stranglers – Just Like Nothing on Earth
Circle Jerks – Wild in the Streets
The Clash – The Prisoner
Buzzcocks – Boredom

Devo – Uncontrollable Urge  [at The National July 30th]
Adam & the Ants – Lady
L7 – Freak Magnet
Pylon – Feast on my Heart
The 101'ers (pre-Clash Joe Strummer) – Keys to Your Heart
Stick Men – Jampire
That Dog – We Must Bleed (Germs cover)

The Cute Lepers – Terminal Boredom



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    July 15th, 2010

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