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Songs From The Big HairSeems Like Yesterday Once More

Gene from The British Breakfast hosting Songs From The Big Hair today bringing you a brand of Lord knows what. Enjoy!

1.  The Freshies "I'm In Love With a Girl In a Certain Manchester Megastore" 1980 Razz (Manchester, UK)
2.  Odyssey "Use It Up, Wear It Out" 1980 RCA (NYC)
3.  Sugar Minnot "We've Got a Good Thing Going" (Kingston, Jamaica)

4.  S.F.O.T.W. "The Only Good Christian Is a Dead Christian" 1985 EMI
5.  Bucks Fizz "The Land of Make Believe" Mixed Repertoire (London)
6.  Rachel Sweet "Party Girl" 1981 Columbia (Akron, Ohio)

1.  2nd Layer "Fixation" 1981 CHerry Red (London)
2.  Pete Shelley "Telephone Operator" 1983 Arista (Lancashire, UK)
3.  3 Mustaphas 3 "Kem Kem" 1989 Ryko (UK)

4.  Weekend "The End of the Affair" 1982 Rough Trade (UK)
5.  54-40 "Take My Hand" 1986 WB (British Columbia, Canada)
6.  Eye to Eye "Nice Girls" 1982 WB (San Diego)

1. Xmal Deutschland "Qual" 1983 4AD (hamburg, Germany)
2.  57 Beans "Liza" ???????????????
3.  A Witness "Car Skidding" 1986 Ron Johnson (Manchester)

4.  Strawberry Switchblade "Since Yesterday" (Scotland)
5.  The Ace Cats "Nur ein Traum" 1983 Energie (Dortmund, Germany)
6.  The Sherbs "We Ride Tonight" 1980 Atco (Australia)

1.  Jodie Foster's Army "The Day Walt Disney Died" 1984 Placebo (Phoenix)
2.  Adam Ant "Mohair Locker Room Pin Up Boys" 1985 Epic (London)
3.  The Adicts "Get Adicted" Cleopatra (Ipswich, UK)4.  Noel and the Red Wedge "Peer Pressure" 1982 Scotti Brothers (LA)
5.  Agitpop "Eskimo KIss" 1985 Community 3 (Poughkeepsie, NY)
6.  Great Buildings "Maybe It's You" 1981 Columbia (LA)1.  Limahl "The Never Ending Story" EMI America (UK)

1.  Limahl "The Never Ending Story" EMI America (UK)
2.  Alan Vega "American Dreamer" 1983 Elektra (Brooklyn, NY)
3.  Nico "Win a Few" (Germany)
4.  Alice Cooper "Dyslexia" 1982 WB (Detoit)



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    July 17th, 2010

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