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Gene from The British Breakfast subbing Mr. Albert this morning. Early morning fun with old scratchy 45RPM records; mostly from the 60's and very few chart toppers. Deep Deep into the vaults for these. Should be fun.


1.  Jaqson James "Miss Pilkington's Maid"

2.  Jan and Dean "Drag City"

3.  Tracy Rogers "Back With You Baby"

4.  James Darren "Goodbye Cruel World"

5.  Peppermint Circus "I Won't Be There"

6.  Buddy Miles "Them Changes"


1.  Bimbi Worrick "Long Time Comin"

2.  The Meters "Cisst Strut"

3.  Roger Bloom's Hammer ""Polly Pan"

4.  Joe Tex "I Gotcha"

5.  Claire Francis "But I Don't Care"

6.  Buddy Holly "Love Is Strange"


1.  Alan David "Flower Power"

2.  The Barbarians "Are You a Boy Or Are You a Girl"

3.  Karol Keyes ""Can't You Hear The Music"

4.  The Cowsills "The Rain, The Park and Other Things"

5.  Studio Six "Falling Leaves"

6.  The Tokens "I Hear Trumpets Blow"


1.  Diana Dors "So Little Time"

2.  David Dante "Speedy Gonzales"

3. The Magicians "Slow Motion"

4. The Pyramids "Contact"

5.  The Carolines "Love Made a Fool of Me"

6.  The Marketts "Balboa Blue"


1.  Tin Tin "He Wants To Be A Star"

2.  Shados-M "You Owe Me Nothing"

3.  Angela Deen "Gotta Hand It To The Boy"

4.  Edward Byrnes and Connie Stevens "Kookie Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)"

5. The Cups "Good As Gold"

6. Skip and Flip "It Was I"


1.  The Caravelles "You Are Here"

2. The Rosy Singers "Theme From a Summer Place"

3.  Sounds Inc. "Dead As a Go Go"

4.  Skeeter Davis "The End of the World"

5. Jenny Wren "Chasing My Dream All Over Town"
6. Srawberry Alarm Clock "Tomorrow"

1. Svensk "Dream Magazine"

2. The String A Longs "Wheels"



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    July 18th, 2010

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