Loblolly Pine Show/ 12 fl OZ mash up !!!!!! presents:

The 12 Fl. Oz. ShowLoblolly Pine Show/ 12 fl OZ mash up !!!!!!

Hey Gang – I'm filling in for Will's huge shoes tonight. So sit back and enjoy and think about the upcoing Devo show and yer next icy cold beverage !!!!!!


Todd Ranson

link wray  turnpike usa

louvin Bros  cash on the barrelhead

uncle tupelo chickamauga

hanna barbera curtin  jonny quest theme

lee fields soul dynamite


bob dylan – jokerman

bama and the family – don't think do

mickey and the soul generation – mystery girl

the gaturs – wasted


beatles – what goes on

yarn – music's only outlaw

the sadies – whispering circles

galaxie 500 – cheese and onions

guided by voices – echos myron

the black keys – the go getter

little freddie king – the things i used to do


konono #1 – mama na bana

warren lee  – funky belly

the new mastersounds – 102% – rope a dope


lucinda williams – essence – lonely girls

howard tate – reaction – little volcano

tony joe white – …continued – elements of things


mighty hannibal – hannibalism !  – big chief hug em and kiss em

the flatlanders – more a legend than a band – keeper of the mountain

dwight yoakam – this time  – 100 miles from nowhere

the baseball project – sometimes i dream of willie mays

velvet underground – another view – coney island steeplechase

james hunter – people gonna talk – no smike without fire


charlie rich – break up

link wray – fat back

the sadies – 10 more songs



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    July 19th, 2010

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