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Man o man!

 Beginning to See the Light/Velvet Underground/Velvet Underground

My L.A/Tacey Robbins/Girls In The Garage Vol 6
Ringo Boy/Dori Peyton/Girls In The Garage Vol 6
I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy/The What Four/ Destroy That Boy!
Let's Do The Kangaroo/The Majorettes/Sloopy's Gonna Hang On/The Debs/Girls In The Garage Vol 4
Eight Of Magic/The Pebbles/Japanese Groupsound!
Welcome to the Dollhouse/Jill Wisof /IFC In Your Ear: Volume 1
This Ain't Havana/Ramones/End of the Century
Vox Wah Wah Ad – The Electric Prunes
Joe Public/The Ruttles
Action Woman/The Litter/60's Garage Rock Nuggets
Girl About Town/The Queers/Munki Brain
Hipster Boyfriends/Sicko/Joe King Presents: More Bounce to the Ounce
Hula Hoop/The Mopes/Low-Down, Two Bit Sidewinder
You're the Boss/Elvis Presley and Anne Margaret/Elvis Double Features
Vanity Kills/Codiene Velvet Club/Codiene Velvet Club                                     2010new!
Don't Let Your Left Hand Know/Joe Tex/Very Best of..vol. two
It's Not My Place (In The 9 To 5 World)/ The Ramones/End of the Century
We Are the Men You'll Grow to Love Soon/Let's Wrestle/In the Court of…      new!2020
Working for the Clampdown/The Clash/London Calling BRAINWORM
Workout/The Fondas/Coming Now!

Work Out/Jackie Wilson/The Ultimate Jackie Wilson
Welcome the the Working Week/Elvis Costello/My Aim is True
Ham and Eggs/Skip Manning/Rattlesnake Shake
She's a Tiger/ Ding Dongs/The Ding Dongs/Norton                       new!2010
Happy Soul, with a Hook/Dave Cortez with the Moon People/single
You Sure Fall Down A Lot/The Musics
The Monkey Speaks His Mind/Andre Williams/I Hate CDs, The Norton Records Singles Collection, vol. 1
I Hear Voices/Screaming Jay Hawkins/Twofer! I Hate CDs, The Norton Records Singles Collection, vol 1
For the Girl/Old 97's/Mimeograph                                                         new!2010!!! See JJ? I play new music!
 Tender Heart/Alejandro Escovedo/Street Songs Of Love Rock                                                                                    new!!2010
Goodbye, Killer/Pernice Brothers/Goodbye, Killer        new!!2010 
Ain't That Right/Hearts and Daggers/And Then There Was Dust           new!!2010



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    July 20th, 2010

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