RCL:  Fontaine with special guests Mudd Helmut presents:

River City LimitsRCL:  Fontaine with special guests Mudd Helmut

Tune in Saturday 5-7 PM when Fontaine plays local music from across the years and interviews special guests Mudd Helmut!  The band is reuniting to play a benefit gig for Stacy Prescott next Saturday 7/31/10 at The Playing Field, along with White Cross, Beex, Octane Saints, Velvet Nines, T-Division, Iggy Plop, Thelma Shook, Herschel Stratego, and CuzN Wildweed.

Mudd Helmut 1989, photo by Cindy Hicks:

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Randy Wyszpolski – Satellite Life

The Good Guys – Bodyguard
The Trouble with Larry – Stumble
The Technical Jed – Liquid
Ululating Mummies – We Cannot Be Hurt
Burma Jam – Fur Das Kind
Cashmere Jungle Lords – My Brother, Humphrey

Waking Hours – Out of my Mind
Honor Role – Anonymous Cave
Chrome Daddy Disco – Bloody Valentine
Death Piggy – Bathtub in Space  [Dave Brockie Experience playing Aug. 1st at Banditos]

Hotel X – Apartogether
Car Bomb – Lockdown

Inquisition – Pulse
Avail – Nickel Bridge

House of Freaks – Long Black Train
Alter-Natives – Stinky Hole
Kepone – Dickie Boys
King Sour – Palookaville

talk w/ Mudd Helmut
Mudd Helmut – Something's Gotta Give

talk w/ Mudd Helmut
Mudd Helmut – 12 Oz Closer to God

talk w/ Mudd Helmut
Dirtball – Drunk

talk w/ Mudd Helmut
Mudd Helmut – Between the Lines
Rocket 69 – Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight

talk w/ Mudd Helmut
The Rats – Norfolk City Rockers

talk w/ Mudd Helmut
Octane Saints – Malt Liquor and Wine
Beex – Butch



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    July 24th, 2010

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