Can’t Stop the Music Sunday 7/25/10 9-11pm presents:

Can’t Stop The MusicCan’t Stop the Music Sunday 7/25/10 9-11pm

This week on CSTM we'll push play on nostalgia for innocence with MOOG artifacts & innovations.  [That's "moog", rhyming with "vogue".]  We'll, of course, start with COVERS, and then one thing will lead to another, the romance of transitors, the promises of space, pandora's box of electronic music … plug in & oscillate with me, baby.  Click READ MORE for the PLAYLIST as we play and a couple of very fine Moog videos.


P Swann

Why not try this at home?
Oooh, I love the patch chords.
Want to dig in more to the moog world plus see pictures of the Dr. Moog's great hair?  Check out the Moog Archives at and Bob Moog Memorial Foundation in Asheville NC at
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P Swann


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    July 25th, 2010

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