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Thanks for Enzo for this song suggestion!   "Right and Wrong" by Joe Jackson

The theme for today's show is Antonyms.

Ship of Fools                                    World Party

Raise the Knowledge                   Gogol Bordello

Fire                                                       Jimi Hendrix

Ice Ice Baby                                      Big Daddy


White Rabbit                                    Patti Smith

Black Horse                                   Gastr Del Sol

Sweet Wine                                     Cream

Sourwoord Mountain                     Carolina Chocolate Drops

High in  Room                               The Smoke

Low                                                  Cracker


Ruined   Morning                         Monday Machines

The Night                                        Morphine

Speakin' Out                                    Neil Young

The Cone of Silence                       Yo La Tengo


Right and Wrong                              Joe Jackson

In God's Country                              U2

Ain't No Love In the Heart of the City     Al Brown

They Can't Buy The Sunshine            Turin Breaks

Super Massive Black Hole                Muse


3/5 of a Mile In 10 Seconds             Jefferson Airplane

A Thousand Years                            Sting

Later is Now                                      Devo

Hungry Beat                                       Fire Engines

Food and Creative Love                  Rusted Root

I Can't See Your Face In My Mind   The Doors

Take Me To Your Heart                   Eurthymics

Armenia City In The Sky                  The Who

Ground Breaker                           The Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra

Hindsight                                       Built To Spill







Albert Green


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    August 1st, 2010

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